Your own brand - We offer the entire range: from pre-configured standalone consumer apps to our award winning "Cloud Softphone" for VoIP providers and companies with a PBX. We’ve also created several dozen fully-integrated white-label solutions for Telecoms. Wherever you are on the spectrum, no matter the size of your business, Acrobits has the solution for you.


Revolutionising Communications

At Acrobits, our goal is to simplify the complex world of SIP communications by providing fresh ideas and outside the box solutions. By using only our own proprietary code developed by our engineers, we are able to adapt and advance our products to meet our customers’ ever-evolving demands (such as our pioneering use of Push notifications to prevent battery drain). We strive to provide intuitive, user-friendly solutions for every possible end-point, and are renowned for our level of dedication (as evidenced by our extremely fast turnaround times). Whatever your needs may be, why not let Acrobits show you how simple and cost-effective SIP communications can be?

Our state-of-the-art products are helping to change what people think is possible, providing the highest quality voice, video, messaging, file sharing and many other capabilities to help bridge the gap between mobile and fixed networks. As a leading developer of mobile communications software and platforms, Acrobits’ SDK is also used by many leading OTT providers. Our products cover the whole range of mobile communications and are fully compliant with all the various SIP servers, allowing us to expand our reach to more than 90 million endpoints. Corporate, retail, personal or business—Acrobits can help you get it done.

Acrobits Corporate Solutions - Our range of corporate products will empower your business, allowing you to provide your customers superior quality voice, video and messaging at the push of a button. Whether you’re looking for someone to help in developing your own private, branded app, want to simply add your VoIP service to our list of registered providers, or use our proprietary SDK to create something entirely new, our expert team can provide you with an unsurpassed level of solutions, services and support.

Acrobits Retail Solutions - After more than 6 years on the market, Acrobits Softphone and Groundwire continue to pave the way forward for SIP communications. Our reputation for usability and our commitment to innovation are just a couple of reasons why Acrobits is quickly becoming the leader in SIP technology. Whether you’re looking for a simple, user friendly softphone or a fully functional SIP client that can perfectly replace your business phone, our iOS and Android apps are guaranteed to fit the bill.

Acrobits OTT Solutions - The Acrobits platform offers amazing functionality and flexibility, enabling OTT providers to build custom solutions that can be changed or upgraded with new modules or features as needed. With a simple user interface, Push notifications and all of Acrobits other industry-leading features, functions and seamless server integration—Acrobits can provide all the tools necessary to establish your business as a leader in the OTT market.

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