How do you collect feedback from your customers currently? If you’re like most businesses, it’s probably through email surveys and other forced forms of solicitation. And while these methods sometimes work, there are better ways to determine how successful your mobile VoIP app is.

Mobile analytics allow you to collect detailed information about how your users interact with your VoIP app. You can track everything from basic usage, all the way down to how they use specific features. Collecting this kind of feedback is crucial as it will help you prioritize changes, identify bugs and other problems, and improve your marketing efforts.

If your business wants to dominate in the competitive VoIP app space, you need to offer a user experience that caters to the needs of your customers. Cloud Softphone enables businesses to build feature-rich mobile VoIP apps that come complete with advanced mobile analytics. We have over a decade of experience seeing what mobile analytics can do for your communications apps. We’ve compiled five key areas that we believe demonstrate why mobile analytics are essential to your VoIP app.

1. Track Which Features People Use

Offering numerous features is never a bad thing, but you should have a way to track how your customers use them. Mobile analytics are capable of showing you how users interact with your VoIP app. In some cases, they can map out the specific steps a customer takes when using your app, track events like call times, screen switches, app starts, and more.

If you know which parts of your mobile VoIP app your customers use, you can focus on improving them and building them out further.

2. Collect Meaningful Feedback

We mentioned it above, but feedback is something that every business needs to get better at collecting. Feedback not only helps you improve your mobile VoIP app experience, but it gives you the edge you need to identify what is and isn’t working.

According to the Temkin Group, the average $1 billion company who invests in customer service can expect to gain $775 million over three years. Feedback is one of the easiest ways to improve the user experience. Mobile analytics can provide you with enough feedback to keep your development and marketing teams busy.

Cloud Softphone is compatible with industry-leading mobile analytics platforms Appsflyer, Firebase (Google), and Fabric. Adding mobile analytics to the app that you develop through our platform is easy.

3. Boost Your Marketing Efforts

Marketing is more than just an advertising tool for your business. You can also leverage your marketing campaigns to nurture, educate, and inform your users. By identifying which features your users enjoy, you can strategize and create content around this information.

Here are a few simple ways mobile analytics can improve your marketing campaigns:

  • Validate your popularity. You can market in-app statistics, social proof, and other validators to showcase the success of your app to current and future customers.
  • Ease customer friction. The information you gather can be used to develop content around common customer problems. If users are confused with a certain feature or don’t know how to configure their settings, you can create content that solves these problems. Not only will it be relevant right now, but it will offer future value as well.
  • Improve marketing efficiency. Mobile analytics also provide data for new account registrations, the total number of app opens, and other data that is useful in determining your ROI.

4. Improve Development Efforts

Your mobile VoIP app needs to support 11 iPhone models and more than 24,000 Android models. That’s a lot of mobile real estate to cover. Mobile analytics help solve this problem by showing you which devices are using your app.

Think about it like this…

Maybe a large portion of your user base is using a phone that contains a known defect. Having that knowledge alone is extremely important. It can save you time and money that you may have wasted trying to troubleshoot it.

Any mobile communication apps made through Cloud Softphone will automatically support all of these devices and more. And in most cases, we will provide same-day updates when new versions of iOS and Android are released.

5. Better Customer Segmentation

You don’t market the same way to all of your customers. A successful marketing strategy must focus on a specific target audience, their pain points, and offer something of value to that segment.

Mobile analytics make it easy for you to create targeted marketing campaigns that appeal to a certain segment of your customer base.

You can sort your customers based on information like:

  • Initial account creation date
  • Total app usage, including specific features
  • How often they engage with promotions
  • Location

Customer segmentation allows you to market with pinpoint accuracy, which is necessary if you want to increase marketing efficiency and reduce advertising waste.

Cloud Softphone – VoIP App Mobile Analytics, Rich Features, and More

Mobile analytics is something that every VoIP app should have. Your company relies on the data they provide to make improvements to your app, to keep your customers happy, and to troubleshoot common problems. VoIP apps created using Cloud Softphone can take advantage of both mobile analytics and premium functionality, offering you the best of both worlds.

Here are just a few reasons why Cloud Softphone is the right choice for your VoIP app:

  • We’ve enabled over 140 million endpoints
  • Save hundreds of thousands on development, support, and maintenance costs
  • Get access to the richest feature set on the market
  • Best in class encryption that was implemented by PGP creator Phil Zimmermann
  • Build your mobile communications app in hours, not months
  • Receive the support you need during development and after launch
  • A transparent fee structure that is easy to understand

Cloud Softphone has been working with communication service providers for over a decade, helping them create mobile communication apps that deliver on both quality and functionality.

If you have any questions about Cloud Softphone and how it can transform your business, contact us today to book a one-on-one demo.