Secure communications have always been a focal point for most businesses, but until recently, many companies relied on outdated and ineffective privacy and security measures to secure information being transmitted over their networks. Encryption is now essential thanks to the exposure created by the Edward Snowden case in 2013. That case educated consumers on the threats of wiretapping and device hijacking. The majority of Over-The-Top (OTTs) are now prioritizing end-to-end encryption as their customers are increasingly aware of the importance of maintaining their privacy and security through secure communications.

Acrobits Cloud Softphone and our SDK are designed to provide you with all the functionality you need when developing your own application through our platform, complete with an award-winning security stack. We are already the chosen partner for security-orientated businesses such as NonPry and Simplefone, and our Acrobits “Z” encryption libraries are being used to protect the European Parliament from wiretapping.

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Encryption Isn’t Optional

Today, encryption isn’t optional. External pressure from both governments (and their agencies), fraudsters, and subversive acts like corporate espionage have made it more important than ever. Your consumers expect their voice and video communications to be protected through every step of the communication process. Without adequate encryption, your user’s voice and video communications are susceptible to wiretapping and other threats.

Developing your own encryption system is costly and labor-intensive. It requires a thorough understanding of current encryption best practices, the various encryption systems available, and forces you to choose between publicly available systems and more-secure private options.

Cloud Softphone is already being used to protect the European Union government from wiretapping and by private corporations who understand the importance of end-to-end encryption. You can easily add advanced encryption functionality to any app that you design through our platform.

Why Choose Acrobits’ Award-Winning Encryption Libraries

Cloud Softphone has everything you need to provide your users with the end-to-end encryption that they expect. Our advanced encryption libraries are available to anyone that designs their app using Cloud Softphone or our SDK.

Trusted by the European Union

Acrobits has developed its own proprietary encryption libraries that are actively being used to protect the European Union from wiretapping, and which offer enhanced privacy and security functionality to private corporations around the world. Acrobits leverages ZRTP, SRTP, and TLS encryption to keep private user data safe through every stage of the communication process, from the initial client-side hello, through to the handshake and the establishment of a secured connection between users.

A Safer Encryption Stack

Unlike other publicly-available encryption libraries, ours was developed privately and is unavailable to the public. Additionally, our ZRTP implementation was completed under the watchful eye of PGP creator and security expert Phil Zimmermann.

Best in Class Security

In 2017, German forensic researchers ranked the Acrobits SIP library as one of the most secure available in the world, placing it above Signal, Linphone, Jitsi, and CSipSimple. Their findings concluded that our technology, along with Signal, was the only client that protected against shared MitM attacks.

Cloud Softphone: Combine Functionality and Advanced Encryption

With Acrobits as your partner, you will have access to one of the deepest feature sets and most secure encryption libraries on the market. We make it easy for you to build the platform your business needs, without compromising on privacy and security.

Secure communications are essential, and Cloud Softphone was built with this in mind. We help companies like yours encrypt your voice and video communications, so you can offer the exceptional customer experience that your users demand.

Our security features include:

  • Peer-to-Peer Secure Voice and Video: Protect your users and their conversations from wiretapping and other forms of communications hijacking with our secure peer-to-peer voice and video functionality.
  • Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) Attack Prevention: Our ZRTP key agreement protocol is exactly what you need to prevent MITM attacks.
  • Encrypted Signalization: Verify the confidentiality and integrity of all signalization messages sent through your app with our advanced signalization encryption.
  • Encrypted Media: Our ZRTP encryption uses the Diffie-Hellman key exchange protocol to deter unwanted forces from accessing your user’s media.

With the majority of your competitors offering secure communications, you need to prioritize privacy and security in your mobile applications. Cloud Softphone makes it easy for you to build a secure mobile app.

If you’re ready to build a feature-rich platform that includes sophisticated encryption, contact us today to arrange an in-depth demo.