Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) technology has changed the way consumers approach traditional communications. The adoption of VoIP technology has created a unique opportunity for tech-savvy businesses, such as VoIP resellers, looking to capitalize on the lucrative B2B market. Every industry is capable of implementing VoIP to reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, and to create reliable unified communications systems.

According to Grand View Research, the global mobile VoIP market is “expected to reach USD 145.76 billion by 2024.” 4G/LTE technology has normalized VoIP while 5G infrastructure upgrades should see it become the industry standard.

As a reseller, your needs are vastly different than a company looking for a single customized platform. You require multi-tenant solutions that can be modified based on the needs of your customers. Developing your own platforms internally isn’t cost-effective when you consider the cost of development, the frequency of updates, and maintenance for your platform. Cloud Softphone is an application platform as a service (APaaS) that works with resellers directly. Solutions created with Cloud Softphone are completely white-label and modular, making our platform ideal for VoIP resellers.

Improve Your Existing Softswitch with Cloud Softphones’ Reliable Technology

Cloud Softphone has enabled more than 140 million endpoints since 2008. Large companies like Broadsoft, Cisco, and Digium have used our technology to develop their own softphones, SIP clients, and other VoIP functionality. We understand the challenges that VoIP resellers face when trying to design their own platforms for resale to their customers.

Mass VoIP adoption is inevitable as the 5G rollout continues throughout the United States and Europe. Many businesses are already searching for suitable VoIP solutions for their communications needs. And with Cloud Softphone, many resellers have been able to create white-label VoIP products to meet those needs.

Cloud Softphone boasts an impressive list of features that provide you with the flexibility you need to design multi-tenant VoIP solutions.

Our extensive feature set includes:

  • Android, iOS, macOS X, and Windows support
  • Push notifications
  • Advanced encryption
  • Text and rich messaging
  • Call and video conferencing
  • File transfer
  • VoWiFI
  • Call forwarding and transferring
  • API-compatible
  • External provisioning
  • SIP server agnostic
  • And much more

New features are continuously being added to Cloud Softphone. For a full list of available features, please visit our website.

Value-Added Services You Can Rely On

With Cloud Softphone, you can add value to any service you offer that uses VoIP technology. We work with resellers to help them design VoIP solutions that appeal to the needs of their customers. There are many reasons why Cloud Softphone is the ideal APaaS for resellers looking to build robust platforms that they can rebrand and resell.

Here are a few reasons why we are the right partner for VoIP resellers:

  • Cloud Softphone and our SDK are incredibly reliable and functional. Our tech is reliable. Apps designed on our platform are easy to build, run exactly as expected, and can be expanded upon at any time.
  • Reduce development costs with a proven platform. With Cloud Softphone, there’s no need to staff an entire team of developers. The entire development-side of things is handled by our team, and future updates and maintenance are carried out by us as well. When new operating system updates are released, we typically deploy updates on the same day.
  • Divide your services up into pricing tiers. Cloud Softphone makes it easy for you to divide your services up into distinct pricing tiers.
  • Duplicate your base app and create variations. You can duplicate your base app to create new services and variations of your initial app. Your original app can be duplicated over and over again. If you wish to add new features, you only have to pay the fee for that feature.
  • Meet the needs of your customers. It’s challenging to predict technological changes. Cloud Softphone pioneered push notifications back in 2009, and we are fast to implement the latest technologies.

Build the VoIP Experience Your Customers Want

Cloud Softphone allows you to adapt to the needs of the market by simplifying the app development process. Quickly build your app, implement additional features into an existing Softswitch, create new variations, and develop products and services that your customers want.

By working with Cloud Softphone and the Acrobits SDK, we make it easy for your business to create B2B solutions that your customers actually need. Our feature set is robust, our encryption libraries are best in class, and we have more than a decade of experience helping companies develop their own mobile and desktop applications.

If you’d like to learn more about Cloud Softphone and how you can use it to improve your products, please contact our sales team today to book your demo.