Boost your communication

Acrobits’ very robust Mobile SDK provides seamless communication over Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G and LTE networks on both iOS and Android smartphones. The power of our SDK rests in the enriched communications it enables. Calls may be enhanced with video, chat, IM, media and file transfer.

Contacts with rich communications services are marked as such and may be converged and synced with your network contacts in a single phonebook. Presence is also indicated along with geolocation, avatars and services available. All communications are integrated within a single interface: be they calls, SMS, MMS, IM. We also support push notifications for better battery performance and user experience.

Acrobits has developed its own extensive proprietary software library managing voice, video, server and client-side GUI applications. We are on the cutting edge of development, exploiting the latest advancements of the RCS communication standard. Our easy-to-use SDK encourages telcos to create rich HD voice and video applications and bring them to market in record time to remain ahead of customer demand.

Most of the code is written in C++ and ported across both the iOS and Android platforms accordingly. All of the code is developed in house including our own SIP stacks and we don’t use any external open source code except for the licensing of common CODECs.


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