Acrobits proudly employs some of the world’s best software developers of communication applications and platforms, forming a tight, dynamic team of motivated professionals. We have over 25 highly experienced engineers from twelve nationalities working ‘together’ in 3 different countries. Our products are used to enhance collaboration and productivity across continents and markets, giving Acrobits an agility and flexibility that we are eager to share with our customers.

Our highly-skilled and driven engineering team's scope focuses on three key fields:

  • Apple iOS (for iPhone and iPad) 
  • Android (phones and tablets)
  • Back-end and server-level engineering

We aim to stay well ahead of the curve in VoIP technology as ‘enhancers’, working on the future of unified communications. By providing custom solutions and integrations that meet (and exceed) the needs of our clients, it enables us to concentrate on further development and expansion as new challenges and technologies arise. With Acrobits, you’re never locked into an inflexible platform thanks to our easy and seamless integrations – allowing for a very rapid development turnover and shorter time-to-market of the latest forward-looking technology.


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