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Push Notifications or Multitasking?

Solution This article will rate our three options for receiving calls when Acrobits Softphone or Softphone is not in the foreground in the areas customers find most important. The three options are Push Notifications, Multitasking through Keep iPhone awake and Multitasking through tcp (or in background). You can read about the options in detail in the articles below.

Battery Life.

Winner - Push Notifications - If Battery life is the most important concern for you, Push Notifications are the way to go. Since SIPIS does all the work, the effect on battery life will be negligible.

2nd Place - Multitasking through tcp (called backgrounding in our apps) - Though it uses significantly less battery than Keep iPhone awake, it will still use more battery than push notifications since there will be some activity when the app is in the background.

Last - Multitasking through Keep iPhone awake - This option will be hardest on battery life. Basically, this means the app will take the same amount of battery when in the background as when it is in the foreground.


Winner - Push Notifications and Multitasking through Keep iPhone awake - Keep iPhone Awake should work for virtually all users (provided they have a compatible device). Push Notifications should also work for almost all users. Some providers may work better with one method or the other, but I suspect they balance each other out.

Last - Multitasking through tcp (called backgrounding in our apps)- If your SIP provider or PBX actually supports tcp, this option will likely be as reliable as Push Notifications or Keep iPhone awake. But most users will probably need to use our proxy. When using our proxy to convert traffic, reliablility will be highly contingent on how well the provider works with third party proxies. Some providers work very well with the proxy, some very poorly or not at all. If you have any issues using this method, feel free to open a ticket. Sometimes we can solve issues related to this.

Compatibility with iPhones

Winner - Push Notifications - All iPhones support Push Notifications, only those with an iPhone 3GS or later will be able to use either multitasking option.


Winner - Either Multitasking Method - Though SIPIS (our server that handles push notifications) is very secure and we have never had any security issues, we must state that multitasking is more secure than Push Notifications since we do not have to transfer your account details to SIPIS. But this should not be a concern for most users. I suspect the only users that need to worry about this are those that use the Softphone or Groundwire with a PBX and work at a company with strict security policies.

Overall Winner - Push Notifications - We recommend Push Notifications as our preferred solution. But we expressly wrote this article because we realize there will be users with specific needs that may prefer or need to use other methods. Between this article and our other articles on multitasking and Push Notifications, you should have enough information to make an informed choice of which method is best for you.


We support more methods for recieving calls than any other SIP Client on iOS. This is very important to note. Most SIP Clients on the App Store only support Push Notifications OR some version of the Keep iPhone awake option. And I believe we have the only SIP Clients that support the tcp option. Even if one of the methods have some issue for your provider, at least one of the options will work for almost everyone.

Jailbroken iPhones - These comparisons do not take jailbroken phones into account. Between the different jailbreaks and different devices, we are unable to provide accurate information as to which method will work best or give the best battery life.

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