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Cloud Softphone for Communication Service Providers

Rafael Torreblanca
April 29, 2019

Few industries are as competitive as the telecommunications and softphone industries. With the global mobile VoIP market expected to reach $145 billion by 2024, communication service providers (CSPs) must continue to innovate and improve their services. This push for modernization means providing high-quality services, an extensive list of features for their customers, and reliable data networks through platforms. 4G/LTE adoption helped normalize VoIP communications, but with the rapid deployment of 5G networks, VoIP will become the industry standard.

Value-added services like Cloud Softphone are one way many CSPs are staying competitive in the telecommunications industry. CSPs are leveraging a white-label platform like Cloud Softphone to create a communications ecosystem that enables them to build the experience their customers want. With Cloud Softphone, they can improve their services and add new features that would otherwise be unavailable to them.

Cloud Softphone is an application platform as a service (APaaS) that allows CSPs to create new bundles for their customers and saves them millions that would have been wasted on development costs. Our platform has been helping CSPs like BroadSoft, Cisco, Portaone, and 2600Hz to create the ideal customer experience since the launch of the first iPhone in 2007.

Cloud Softphone: the Cost-Effective Way to Develop Your VoIP, Unified Communications, and SIP Client Platform

Mobile devices dominate the communications industry. Mobile usage accounts for nearly 50% of the global market share, and that number will only increase. Developing your own mobile app is costly. In-house development requires you to hire a team of developers, testers, and creatives to build the apps’ functionality and aesthetics. And getting that app to market will take another 6 to 12 months (if everything goes according to plan). After launching your app, you also have to support it with future updates and bug fixes. All of these costs add up quickly and will directly impact your profit margins. According to a survey from Kinvey, the average mobile app can cost a business around $270,000 to develop. However, that total doesn’t include ongoing support, maintenance, and future updates.

CSPs looking to develop their own mobile app for their products and services also need to consider the level of support that they will need to provide. Here is a general list of what a mobile app has to support:

  • 8 mandatory versions of iOS
  • 9 recommended versions of iOS
  • 24,000+ Android devices
  • 1,600+ Android manufacturers
  • 17 versions of Android

Cloud Softphone simplifies this problem by supporting all of the major iOS and Android updates and devices. Our APaaS will save you money on both development and maintenance costs while providing you with the support your platform needs to operate efficiently.

The Acrobits team has spent more than a decade working closely with providers offering hosted telephony, cloud communications, soft switches, and other established companies within the VoIP industry. Our platform offers you a completely customizable experience that lets you build the right app for your business.

Let us help you design and build the app your business needs. Contact a member of the Acrobits team today to book your own personalized demo. We’ll walk you through the app creation process, and our rich set of features, and answer any questions that you have.

We save you money on development costs so you can put it to better use on sales and marketing campaigns to grow your core services. And as your business grows, you can easily add new features and scale with that growth. Cloud Softphone is a fully-modular platform that allows you to build mobile and desktop applications that are compatible with Android and iOS.

Value-Added Services Designed Specifically for CSPs

There are many reasons why CSPs throughout the world trust Cloud Softphone and the Acrobits SDK for their mobile and desktop app needs. We have successfully deployed over 140 million endpoints since our inception, for clients in the telecommunications, hospitality, healthcare, and reseller industries.

Cloud Softphones’ value-added services solve bottlenecks that you are experiencing across your entire chain. Our simplified approach to building your platform brings many benefits, including:

  • Saving you millions on development costs. Manually developing an app is expensive and forces your company to take on a lot of risks. Our platform has been used to deploy over 140 million endpoints for CSPs globally. We help you get your app to market in days, not months.
  • A 100% stress-free experience. We make it easy for you to design and build the app your company needs. Our modular approach lets you choose the features and support you need, and simplifies the update and upgrading process.
  • Best-in-class encryption. The award-winning Acrobits encryption library was privately developed, and our ZRTP implementation was carried out by PGP creator Phil Zimmermann. Our encryption stack is repeatedly ranked as the most secure option on the market.
  • Mobile and desktop readiness. Any app created on Cloud Softphone can be deployed on mobile and desktop, providing you with additional flexibility to meet the needs of your customers.
  • A clear fee structure that’s easy to understand. We don’t surprise you with additional fees after the fact. Every app developed on Cloud Softphone contains a one-time purchase fee, monthly user fees, and a standard monthly fee for ongoing support. You can even add new features, and we’ll only charge you for the cost of the feature.
  • The ability to scale your platform. Your needs today aren’t the same as tomorrow. As your business grows, you can scale your platform with new features and expanded capabilities.
  • A true white-label experience. You want to build your own platform, not someone else’s. Cloud Softphone is white-label-ready and fully customizable. Add your company branding and other specific elements that your customers use to identify you.
  • Unlimited testing of our solutions and features on your infrastructure. It’s important that you develop the right app for your infrastructure. We’re so confident in our technology that we’ll let you test as many solutions and features across as many devices as you want using your SIP infrastructure.

Try the Richest Feature-Set on the Market for Yourself

Cloud Softphone makes it easy for you to create a feature-rich platform for your customers. Our modular design lets you choose from exciting features such as:

  • Push notifications
  • Enhanced encryption
  • Text and rich messaging
  • Call and video conferencing
  • File transfer
  • Call forward and transfers
  • API functionality
  • Simplified external provisioning
  • SIP server agnostic
  • MDM-compliant
  • Hybrid Radio/5G
  • WiFI finder
  • Smart contracts
  • Multi-platform compatibility
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