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10 Reasons Your Business Needs a Unified Communications Solution

Alejandro Carrasquero
April 21, 2021

Communication is one of the most important things to keep in mind when running your business. 

Keeping track of everything that you need to do, plus handling all your different forms of communication is hard, and that’s where a unified communications solution comes into play.

With 68% of businesses saying they prefer a single-pane-of-glass solution for communications, it’s no wonder why UCaaS is a must-have today.

Let’s explore the biggest reasons why your business needs a unified communications solution.

1. You Only Have One System to Manage

Rather than wasting time managing several different systems, a unified communications solution solves that problem by all your communications in one place. This makes life easier for your staff, yourself, and your IT team when you only have one system to deal with compared to managing and maintaining several different ones. 

2. Boosts Productivity

When you have a unified communications solution, it makes it easier for your staff to get in touch with one another during and even after work hours. 

“Your team will always know exactly
which communication method to use to reach each other.

There’s no searching through emails and apps
to find people since all communications take place in one location.”

3. Saves You Time

When you have just one system to communicate within your business, it saves time for everyone. 

All your employees communicate through the same platform, and no time is lost due to miscommunications from trying to talk through other platforms. 

Not to mention, you save time training employees by only having to train them on the one unified communications system, rather than several different ones. 

4. More Secure

When you have a unified communications solution, you have better security for your business communications. 

All of your calls and communications flow through the platform, meaning everything is encrypted. In a world where cybersecurity threats are lurking, added data privacy is essential.

5. More Cost-Efficient

When you have several different communication platforms for your employees, you’re paying for several different communication platforms. That’s wasted money that could be used to grow the business.

When you have a unified communications solution, you only pay for that one platform, so your costs remain predictable. On top of that, when you get all your communications needs from one company, you can typically bundle and save.

6. Improves Your Customer Service

When your business misses a call or has poor communication service for your customers, that can cost you. Remember, it takes years to build a reputation and only seconds to lose it.

You can provide a constant and predictable customer experience when using a unified communications solution for your business. 

Not only that but the information that goes to your call center can also be redirected to other departments seamlessly, thus improving your business efficiency. 

7. Provides Business Continuity

When an emergency or disaster strikes your business, the last thing you need is employees being confused or even getting hurt due to miscommunications. 

“Having a unified communications solution ensures
business continuity by providing a
single platform for your teams to communicate.”

This eliminates the risk of miscommunication during an emergency, ensuring everyone is connected and ready to respond.

8. Speeds Up Your Internal Communications

You have one employee messaging you on one communication platform, and others messaging you through another platform. At the end of the day, you’re managing several different forms of communications with your employees and struggling to keep up. 

Communicating within a business should be easy, not another job for you, and by having just one unified communications solution, you can speed up your internal communications and focus on bigger tasks at hand. 

9. Helps With Remote Working

When working remotely, which many businesses are still doing into the year 2021, communication is extremely important. 

With a unified communications solution, employees who are working remotely can still easily answer emails, phone calls, send messages, and share files while not in the office. 

They can also quickly hop on a team conference call from the comfort of their home without missing a beat. That level of connectivity is made easy when you have a single UCaaS solution.

10. Gives You a Competitive Advantage

Unified communications solutions have been adopted by several companies over the years. In fact, unified communications solutions have been growing at a rate of 29% per year, which is incredible.

But if you want to keep up with your competition, you need to have the tools needed to compete, which is why having a unified communications solution gives you a competitive advantage. 

Are You Looking for a Unified Communications Solution?
Try Cloud Softphone

If you’re looking for a communications solution that’s easy to use, helps your team work remotely, improves your security and so much more, then a unified communications solution is exactly what your company needs.

Contact one of UCaaS experts today to book your demo and learn how you can start communicating better with a UCaaS solution like Cloud Softphone.

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