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COVID-19: Exploring the Opportunities Around the Global Pandemic

Alejandro Carrasquero
December 30, 2020

As we look back on 2020, it’s no secret that COVID-19 has made 2020 a difficult time for most businesses. Whether it’s working remotely, adapting to new processes, or changing the way we work entirely—we’re in a new norm, and UCaaS trends are here to stay.

And while we hope this current crisis will pass, there’s still a lot of uncertainty. We often think about the future and whether things will return to normal. 

Remote work is a new thing for most companies. How do we know if we’re doing it, right? What solutions are the best long-term? These are important questions to ask.


Fifteen years ago—things would have been very different as options were limited. Existing telecommunications infrastructure was not prepared to take on such a drastic change.

But with our remote-friendly approach, we’ve been working hard to continuously improve our business and the technology we rely on and offer to our customers. Now almost one year in, we’re confident that we have the right systems in place to continue on our promise to deliver exceptional quality.

Our Early Adoption of Remote Work Is Paying Off

Companies that had a UCaaS or remote working solution in place had a much easier time adapting to this new norm.

So, how have companies tackled these challenges during COVID-19? They stayed agile, focused on the people that make it all possible and embraced these new challenges and the opportunities they provide.

That’s something we firmly believe in. 

Finding new customers, communicating using new technologies, and developing intuitive interfaces for our customers have always been our priorities. The business may have changed, and it may look different now, but our mission and dedication haven’t changed.

Identifying Cost Savings During a Global Pandemic

The idea of somehow saving money during a global pandemic may seem strange. But is it really? COVID-19 has revealed that remote work is not only possible—it’s profitable too. 

Here’s what we mean by that.

Say we are paying around $1,000 USD per month for an office where ten employees work. That translates to $12,000 per year for the lease alone.

Now say those ten employees work from home. That additional $12,000 can be spent on improving our employee’s salaries, better marketing, and developing new features and products.

It also lets those employees enjoy a flexible work experience that empowers their personal lives. They can spend more time enjoying nature, trying new hobbies, and seeing their children grow. That’s also less money spent on gas, car repairs, and parking.

Costs Savings During Global Pandemic

When you look at it like that—the KPIs of remote working, when combined with the right tech solutions, start to look pretty attractive. 

So, what about productivity? That’s the magic word all companies are focused on. How can you maintain control of your employees?

Today, HR measures employees based on results. In a remote work environment, measuring outcomes is easy. 

That’s great, right? But how can you ensure day-to-day operations are smooth without a physical office? The answer is simple. Create a virtual facility!

Why You Need to Centralize Information, Not Your Staff

The market is full of digital solutions that make it easy to create a virtual office. Everything from Microsoft Teams, Slack, Zoom, the many email clients, Active Directory, Hubspot, Salesforce, the various ERP solutions, and many more make it easy to streamline workflows. 

But here’s the truth. All of these tools are useless if you don’t control the flow of information within your company. Unifying information is a vital part of remote work.

That’s one area where our white-label Cloud Softphone solution excels. Cloud Softphone lets ITSPs offer their customers a tailored solution for the specific remote work use cases. We provide API access and servers that allow you to maintain control of information inside of your UCaaS systems.

What do we mean by that? You can enable features like voice and video calling, rich messaging or SMS, VoWifi or SMSoWifi, voicemail, and even video conferencing on mobile, web apps, and desktop apps, enabling mobility and increasing productivity on a highly customized UC platform for your business.

Want to see what we can do for you?

Cloud Softphone: Save time and money

with our white-label mobility suite

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