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Why Softphones For Business?

Are you in the market for a softphone for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, or some other platform? Do you crave the efficiency and accessibility of a VoIP solution over your current bulky landline? 

With so many business softphone apps on the market, you might falsely think that each one is essentially the same since they all do the same job.

The truth is that softphones for business solutions all offer various feature sets, services, and pricing structures. Making a decision largely depends on your own needs and circumstances as a business.

The decision matters even more when you’re expecting to use softphone technology for B2B work, as keeping a high standard of service and efficiency is paramount. In this blog post, we’re going to make the case for Cloud Softphone and why we think it’s the ideal choice for a wide variety of companies.

Why Go Third-Party?

First off, why trust your communication tools to another business at all when you could make it yourself? The companies that try to DIY VoIP technology end up regretting it for a few reasons.

    • Cost: The biggest issue is cost. The price of building and maintaining your own softphone engine and video conferencing functionalities can prove too expensive and risky. Plus, if you have any technical problems, you don’t have any customer service to rely on.
    • Convenience: Outsourcing to a third-party gives you access to customer service and a ready-made solution that can be deployed instantly and inexpensively.
    • Software-as-a-Service: Buying from a service provider also means you’re receiving the software “as a service.” It’s clear that SaaS is becoming the dominant trend in the coming years, as global onloads will reach 380 million this year. On top of the benefits mentioned above, SaaS lets you pick and choose which features and modules you want to use, saving you money by ensuring you aren’t paying for anything you don’t need.
  • All-in-one solution: Reduce complexity in your collaboration tools by integrating one service into your workflow rather than several small ones. With Cloud Softphone, for instance, you can not only choose from our vast feature list but also integrate your own in using APIs.

“The days of a business doing everything on its own are over. Modularity brings with it a new level of accessibility and efficiency we haven’t seen before, so don’t be afraid to go for a service provider when it comes to something as important as business communication.”

Why You Need White Label Softphones For Business

Professionalism plays a strong role in B2B business workflows; having consistent branding on the tools you use puts up a positive first impression for business partners who work with you and makes your brand more recognizable in a vast, competitive landscape.

The video conferencing solution you use for B2B communications ideally should allow you to add your own logo and other branding elements to it. Brand consistency has been proven to raise revenue by 33% at least according to a 2019 study.

Just because you’re working with another company for your VoIP, doesn’t mean you can’t add your own branding touch to it. Look for the “white label” moniker, like the one for Cloud Softphone Design Tool, for solutions that allow you to do so.

What Features You Should Keep an Eye Out For

Look at any softphone service’s webpage and you’ll find a laundry list of various applets, add-ons, and services. But don’t be fooled by pure length. Think about each feature and decide whether it will fit into your specific workflow well enough.

The following is a run-down of what Cloud Softphone offers and what it can do to streamline collaboration among your teams.

  • Customizable dashboard view: Every company values an individual feature differently from other companies. To tailor the experience to you specifically, configure the way your interface looks to build a customized look that just works for you.
  • Easy to set up:  There’s no coding involved here. There’s no coding involved here. Even non-technical employees can set up the perfect real-time communication app in less than a day.
  • PBX integration: Have a PBX system in place already? You can still use it since Cloud Softphone’s VoIP technology works well with PBX features like CRM integration, visual voicemail, internal messaging, and more. 
  • Flexibility with various platforms: Whether you use Android, Windows, iOS, OS X, or anything else, we likely have an app that supports the devices you use.
  • Push notifications: Never miss a beat. Have everything you need to know regarding your business right in your pocket. No matter where you are, you are never in the dark.
  • White label: We’ve touched on how branding can make or break professionalism. Cloud Softphone lets you add branding elements to the solution, impressing business partners and customers alike.
  • Scale with your needs: Just like any SaaS service, you can add or remove modules as you go. Need to scale up or down with changing demand? It’s always possible with Cloud Softphone.
  • No hidden fees: Cloud Softphone is transparent with its pricing structure. The ultimate price you pay will be far lower than if you tried creating a platform yourself. Budget easily thanks to zero hidden fees.

Need a specific feature not listed? No problem! Cloud Softphone allows additional functionality through web apps to give customers and partners the type of content they want.

Explore Cloud Softphone’s Feature Set for Yourself

Cloud Softphone makes it incredibly easy for businesses to access the richest feature-set on the market.

Whether you need high capacity video conferencing, crystal clear audio and video calling functionality, or a better way to streamline business communications—SIP Cloud Softphone can do it all.

Get in touch with our softphone specialists today to see what your next app could look like.

Cloud Softphone:
Save time and money with our white-label mobility suite

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