For many organizations and individuals, working from home is the new reality. Having the right technological tools to be able to communicate and collaborate is now more important than ever. Do you have the right equipment to be able to remain productive through this crisis? And are you able to stay connected when it matters most? 

VoIP softphones are one essential tool that have long been relied on when it comes to remote work. A softphone is a software application that provides the functionality of a phone while being available across different devices and platforms, including iOS and Android, desktop computers, tablets, and more.

As a software application, softphones offer so much more than traditional desk phones — whether that be through video calling, SMS, encryption, or voicemail capabilities — softphones allow for consistent, high-quality, and highly customizable communication. 

Here are a few reasons why softphones transform the experience of working from home. 

Simple Yet Effective

Softphones allow you to stay connected no matter where you are. There’s no longer any need for bulky equipment — a simple download of the application is all that’s required to be back in business. Not only does a softphone eliminate the extra cables on your desk, but it also gets rid of the cost of having a dedicated line for voice communications.

Even if you’re not home, as long as you have your laptop or phone with you and an Internet connection, you’ll never miss another urgent work notification again. Both of our apps, Acrobits Softphone and Groundwire are capable of running on Android and iOS. 

Your Access to a True Unified Communications Experience

Softphones tap into a much wider variety of functions than traditional phones. In addition to the features offered by traditional phones (such as access to the dial pad and the ability to mute and transfer calls), softphones allow users to send texts and perform video conference calls. Options for call rerouting and do not disturb are available alongside a visual voicemail system. 

With Acrobits, you can rely on the same high-quality communications when calling, texting, or video chatting, and you get access to our best-in-class encryption stack.

Not only do softphones cut down on the cost of equipment that comes with older telephony solutions, but they also offer a feature-rich experience without any extra equipment or infrastructure. Softphone providers often ensure that user experience is maximized through features such as caller ID notifications, support for video conferencing, and more. 

The wide variety of features that softphones are able to provide opens the door for newer, more enriched forms of communication that traditional phones are unable to support. With a softphone, you now have the ability to send messages to your colleagues during calls, to schedule conference calls while you aren’t home, and to benefit from voicemail-to-email options. 

A powerful, versatile, and flexible communication tool such as a softphone is especially necessary when working from home.    

Real-time Presence 

One of the most unique and important softphone features is the ability to show when your team is available. Knowing if coworkers and business associates are online or offline tells you what their response time might be and will influence your decision on who to reach out to. Efficient communication — made possible by features like real-time presence — is key to boosting productivity. 

In addition to availability, softphones allow you to leave short presence notes next to your colored status indicator. You’ll be able to let your network know when you’re online, as well as what the best way to reach you is. When offline, you’ll have the option to leave a short note letting your associates know when you’ll be back, or how they can reach you for now. If you have a quick request for someone and you can see that they’re in a meeting, you might choose to shoot them an instant message to see if they’re able to. 

Real-time presence is critical for remote work when there’s no possibility of swinging by a coworker’s office. Knowing exactly who’s available means there’s no need for guesswork, decreasing wait times and allowing for effective call management.

Keep Your Messages Secure

In today’s day and age, secure communications are essential. Consumers are increasingly aware of how important it is for every step of the communication process to be protected. Acrobits offers award-winning end-to-end encryption technology that will make sure every message and call is secure. 

Our softphones are designed with security in mind. Cloud Softphone is our enterprise-grade platform that’s currently being used by the European Parliament to protect them from wiretapping. We also work with healthcare providers to provide advanced security that protects sensitive patient information and prevents costly HIPAA violations. 

Acrobits offers both SRTP and TLS encryption to keep your sensitive information safe. While switching to remote work can create problems with cybersecurity, Acrobits Apps ensure that security will not be an issue, allowing you to focus on providing an exceptional customer experience without the fear of leaking sensitive company data 

Working From Home: What Do You Need?

While VoIP and softphones have been growing in popularity in past years, the current pandemic highlights the need for effective communication tools to support the surge in remote work. Having the right equipment to maintain productivity during such difficult times is crucial.

Softphones are a simple, versatile, and secure tool that supports remote work by keeping you agile when you need it most. Are you interested in learning more about Acrobits Softphone or Groundwire?