New Pricing Structure

In an effort to ensure we continue to provide you with access to the richest feature-set on the market and deliver the same high-quality experiences you’ve come to expect, pricing for Cloud Softphone will increase on April 13, 2020.

The new prices will be:

  • White-Label Full Service: $49 monthly
  • White-Label Production Builds: $459 monthly
  • External Provisioning API: $59 monthly
  • Unlimited Subdomains: $149 monthly
  • Push Token Reporter: $59 monthly
  • Incoming and Outgoing Messaging Web Service: $99 monthly
  • Public and Private Push Service: $0.05 per user monthly
  • Generic Apps (Non-White Label): $59 monthly

Mobile Technology Today

Acrobits celebrated its 11th year in business in November 2019. That’s 11 years of providing exceptional value and working to democratize and make mobile voice over IP technology both accessible and affordable.

  • We have pioneered major feature integration since the start
    When other providers were only considering implementing push notifications in 2009, we made them a staple feature. Today, push notifications are a mandatory feature for mobile operating systems and a key technology for call flows that require just as much care and attention as an app. We’re streamlining our pricing to reflect the increased demands on maintenance and development.
  • We maintain compatibility with thousands of mobile devices
    Year after year, countless new devices and versions of the leading operating systems are released. Cloud Softphone stays compatible with all of them. Our customers benefit from our intensive testing for current and backward compatibility.
  • We deploy same-day updates for major operating system changes
    Maintaining an app today versus in 2011 is more challenging. The rules are stricter, the technical requirements are more advanced, and user experience protection is more important than ever. The Cloud Softphone team works around the clock when new updates are released to ensure your app is stable and readily available.
  • We are proactive when big changes take place 
    When iOS 13 changed the way push notifications functioned, we set out and rapidly developed a fix, so you wouldn’t experience any interruptions at all. That fix went live one month before Apple was set to send their update live. Our team is always ahead of the curve and we keep our technology relevant without sacrificing the user experience.

Going forward, we want to provide you with the same quality service, support and access to premium features.

Updates Coming in 2020

We’re working to enhance your Cloud Softphone experience even more and wanted to share a few exciting updates coming in 2020. These changes include:

  • Native desktop applications will soon be available through the Acrobits SDK, offering superior performance over the current version, which uses a webRTC wrapper. This means your users will benefit from additional support for all headsets and peripherals they rely on, as well as a server agnostic video conferencing turn-key solution.
  • A new revamped ticketing system to further enhance the quality of support we provide. You’ll also have access to 24/7 support for the server-side components we offer, giving you direct access to tier 1 quality communications.
  • A public roadmap will be launched later this month to highlight all of these exciting changes — as well as future ones. You’ll be able to see what we’re working on, make feature requests, and vote on suggested features you think would offer the most value to your business.

We’d like to personally thank you for trusting Acrobits to provide you with seamless real-time communications. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at all.