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We empower global telephone network operators and business telephone switch integrators in their delivery of IP-based voice, video and multi messaging services on smartphones and tablet computers through Acrobits’ advanced mobile VoIP applications and integrated solutions.

Our Mission

  • Our mission is to lead the market in the innovation and enhancement of unified communications (UC) and rich communications solutions (RCS) with our own cutting-edge, proprietary technology. We want to transform the world of communications through the development and implementation of our intuitive, customizable SIP clients for every level of user, from individuals to VoIP providers, software developers and everything in between
  • The unmatched experience with telecommunications and mobile software development within our company allows us to build the highest-quality software with innovative features and an extremely polished user interface quickly and effectively. In addition to our flagship products, Acrobits has also created over 500 white label SIP solutions for telecoms and VoIP providers all over the world. From pre-configured turnkey solutions to custom built and branded services, Acrobits’ dedication to quality and usability, combined with a deep understanding of what users and businesses want from our products, has made us the leading developer of SIP clients for mobile platforms in less than three years. Our code is fully-integrated, modular and scalable, allowing for fast and effective production of custom solutions. We provide a ‘plug & play’ capability that simply cannot be found with other products. An aggressive development timeline is in place to keep us at the forefront of the VoIP (Voice + Video) development curve globally. You can read more about our team or check out what’s going on in our labs.

Acrobits proudly employs some of the world’s best software developers of communication applications and platforms, forming a tight, dynamic team of motivated professionals. We have over 30 highly experienced engineers from twelve nationalities working ‘together’ in 3 different countries. Our products are used to enhance collaboration and productivity across continents and markets, giving Acrobits an agility and flexibility that we are eager to share with our customers.

Our highly-skilled and driven engineering team's scope focuses on three key fields:

  • Apple iOS (for iPhone and iPad) 
  • Android (phones and tablets)
  • Desktop WebRTC Endpoints
  • Back-end and server-level engineering

We aim to stay well ahead of the curve in VoIP technology as ‘enhancers’, working on the future of unified communications. By providing custom solutions and integrations that meet (and exceed) the needs of our clients, it enables us to concentrate on further development and expansion as new challenges and technologies arise. With Acrobits, you’re never locked into an inflexible platform thanks to our easy and seamless integrations. – allowing for a very rapid development turnover and shorter time-to-market of the latest forward-looking technology.

Check out our products or our Labs, or hear directly from our customers to learn more about how we can help you improve your business.

Enflick    (Acrobits SDK)

Acrobits provides one of the best SIP solutions in the market. Integration was extremely simple and straight forward and allowed us to dramatically reduce our time to market.

Derek Ting
CEO Enflick (USA)

VOVERC  (Acrobits SDK)

Acrobits technology helped us to quickly develop our product. They were and are always focused on our specific features and are constantly improving their SDK robustness. The complete documentation and outstanding support make them the best solution available in the market.

Gabriele Proni

Virtual Communications    (Cloud Softphone)

Acrobits has provided us with an outstanding platform to improve our offering to our large user base. More than a simple provider we categorize Acrobits as a long term partner to help us improve user experience and expand our business model to new horizons. Their fresh and pragmatic approach has been a key element of success in our deployment.

Javier Pinzon
President Virtual Communications (COL)

Brastel   (Cloud Softphone)

We at Brastel Co., Ltd. were able to add Cloud Softphone in our application lineup in a very short time because of the app's innovative features. It was an amazing experience to customize the app by ourselves through the web portal without having to discuss customization specifications with Acrobits developers. Our system engineers and designers worked independently each one in their area and could check immediately the results.

Sergio Kasuga
General System Manager, Brastel Communications (Japan-Brazil)

Portaone   (Cloud Softphone)

In just a few months' time, Acrobits has set a new standard for VoIP and UC Clients with its Cloud Softphone apps. These apps can be a major competitive advantage to PortaSwitch telecom. Acrobits has received well-deserved praise for its solutions from BrightHub and BestAppSite, and has recently received the TMC Labs Innovation Award. We know it will be a great addition to the family of PortaSwitch-compatible applications.

Andriy Zhylenko
Chief Technical Officer for PortaOne (CA)

Peoplefone  (OTT)

We have worked with Acrobits since the launch of our mobile apps in 2009.  Thanks to their innovation and skill, our mobile VoIP products have grown steadily and their success has never wavered.

Christophe Beaud
CEO Peoplefone (Switzerland)

IVR Technologies, Inc.    (Cloud Softphone)

IVR Technologies Inc., has always regarded the Acrobits Softphone as one of the most stable and feature-rich products of its type in the industry.  Acrobits emerged as an early leader in the softphone market and they continue to show leadership with their Cloud Softphone product. Cloud softphone is a robust and comprehensive over the top (OTT) mobile SIP VoIP client that provides our customers with the flexibility and control to design, configure, and brand a softphone offering with an ease and time-to-market advantage that is second to none.  With its rich web portal, flexible web services API architecture, an a la carte features and deployment model, and comprehensive branding options Cloud Softphone is a wonderful and seamless complement to the Talking SIP platform, and Acrobits is a welcome addition to our ecosystem.”  

Randall Walrond
Vice-President of Product Development (USA)

Exridge   (Cloud Softphone & Acrobits SDK)

We carried out extensive research on every available VoIP app before choosing Acrobits’ CloudSoftPhone. We found many apps prioritised sales and marketing features over technology, with no or few features on the app that allow for different networks, routers or devices. This is a vital component in launching a successful VoIP business.   Acrobits’ are a long time player in this field because they not only, have the most robust product technically, but they also understand the business and the needs of their customers and end-users, better than no other. Their business model makes it easy and affordable for any company to launch their own VoIP app within a few short weeks. Their feature set and continual development of APIs means that a company can make changes to their users’ apps without the user having to do anything.  The addition of the browser tab within the app also means that a company can add an infinite number of features, through simple web services – giving a company all the functionality of custom built SDK, at a fraction of the cost. We have based our business on Acrobits because we recognise that they are the leaders in this field. Their long-term plans with the launch of quality products such as WebRTC, are examples of their dominance in the market and the speed with which they can adapt and develop these HD products which will be the future of the telecommunications industry

Kerry Weir
Managing Director (SG)

NetworkIP  (Cloud Softphone & OTT)

Our experience working alongside Acrobits has provided us and our customers a reliable and high value product enabling us to be quick to market and capture new revenues in emerging markets around the world. Acrobits continues to evolve and modify their products for our needs enabling us to remain a leader in the global WiFi calling and messaging market. Acrobits shares in the successes of their clients and thus we feel we are working with a true partner, not just a vendor.

Brian Kirk
VP Business Development (USA)

Aarenet  (Cloud Softphone)

With Acrobits, we found the perfect solution for a Mobile VOIP white label offering. With their "Cloud Softphone" framework, we are able to tailor designs to the needs of our clients, knowing that the basic engine below is a stable Acrobits solution. We were able to close a contract with a large carrier by showing the during the demonstration what the application would look like after deployment. The fact that we were able to show a working, customized app in a very short timeframe was essential in convincing the customer of our overall flexibility and competence. The support and feedback from the Acrobits team is excellent and we really appreciate the professionalism, profound feedback, and quick follow up in case of changes or questions. We are convinced that we will be able to extend our cooperation much further in the coming years, and expect that we can work together on several upcoming projects.

Frank Remmers
Sales Director (CH)

Acrobits is first out of the gate again, integrating the game-changing CallKit API for iOS10 users

october 21 2016

Acrobits announces all its retail and corporate products are now integrated with iOS10’s outstanding new CallKit API. Acrobits Softphone, Groundwire and Cloud Softphone users can now make and receive VoIP calls as effortlessly as if they were using the native Phone application


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june 20 2016

Come to  Mobile World Congress in Shangai to meet our team of experts and try our new webRTC mobile and stand-alone client!

MWC Shangai

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MVNO Dynamics reports about Acrobits

may 12 2016

"Talking SIP" by IVR Technologies announce its Cloud Softphone Integration!

The integrated Cloud Softphone solution provides mobile and VoIP operators with a branded client that is both highly extensible via a comprehensive Web Services API architecture, and fully configurable through an intuitive and powerful web management portal. The combination of Acrobits’ Cloud Softphone and IVR’s Talking SIP platform allows CSPs to drive additional revenue and subscriber engagement while enhancing the subscriber’s ability to communicate over any network, from anywhere in the world, in a cost-effective and intuitive manner.

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IVR Technologies Partners Acrobits to Intro Integrated OTT SIP Softphone and WebRTC Solution for CSPs

april 28 2016

IVR Technologies, a leading software development company providing mobile and VoIP enhanced services as well as real-time billing solutions to mobile and next-generation carrier networks, has partnered with Acrobits to introduce Cloud Softphone, an integrated OTT SIP and WebRTC solution.

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Het gebeurt!

april 08 2016

Calling all #MVNOs! We're heading to Amsterdam to take part in the MVNOs World Congress April 11-14. Meet us at Stand 27!


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